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Neways Neunkirchen GmbH is an EMS service provider who can support the total lifecycle of your products depending on your demands. We take care of:
  • Development: The development of modules, systems and complete equipment, including CAD drawings and product qualification support.
  • Procurement/materials management: Complete procurement of all materials including mechanical components. Advantages of synergies as a member of the Neways Group, including global procurement.
  • Production of sample series/pre-series: Prototyping and the production of sample series/pre-series, taking into account later series-relevant aspects. DFM (Design for Manufacturing) check to make sure that a layout is suitable for the production processes, minimising the risk of errors and achieving economically efficient production.
  • Planning: Procurement and production on the basis of annual agreements, taking into account the various planning deadlines, and for individual assignments.
  • Series production: Production of small, medium or large series of a high quality and high flexibility on modern equipment.
  • Testing/programming: Optical and electrical checks to accompany the processes as well as comprehensive quality and function tests. AOI, ICT, function test, Burn-In, Run-In. And if necessary, module programming (Flash) and installing firmware (embedded software).
  • Installation/final production: Final assembly of the system, consisting of printed circuit boards, controls, modules, wire harnesses and plastic or metal components. Implementation of function testing and final checks.
  • Packaging/logistics: Packaging and storage take place in accordance with your specifications. The logistic services are provided in cooperation with professional logistic partners (24-hour service) or using our own vehicles.
  • After Sales Service: A high-quality, committed service-providing partner with many years of experience in servicing and repairing the most versatile electronic equipment.
The best of two worlds
Neways Neunkirchen offers you the best of two worlds: the highest quality level against the lowest possible cost price.

As a customer of Neways Neunkirchen you take advantage of synergies of the worldwide procurement of the Neways group. And have the opportunity to make use of our alternative production facilities in low-cost regions in Slovakia and China.

At the same time you have the assurance of the same high-quality, flexible and competent care and support which you would expect from us, as our Customer Support Centre takes care of the entire technical, logistic and quality responsibility.